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Good Old Stuff fun Page - Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting my FUN STUFF PAGE! I hope you have fun and tell your
friends, O.K.


  • Say hello to my "Good Old Stuff" assistant. She talks when you click on her!
  • Read my favorite pick up lines.
  • To view slide show & enlarge the pictures click on them.
  • Catch what's new in The Entertainment World News.
  • Play the pigeon game.
  • Some fun websites to visit.
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  • and Sign the "Guest Book" (recommend a new widget or fun stuff to do)
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Fun Websites to Visit - Free

If you are looking for a fun website, or you're just incredibly bored, try your hand at one of these web activities:

  1. Watch your favorite shows
  2. Watch music videos and discover new music
  3. Play a round of golf
  4. Forecast the weather
  5. Write your own fairy tale
  6. Walk down your street or just go sight seeing
  7. Create your own video game mashup
  8. Build your own 80's arcade
  9. Have a virtual chat with a friend
  10. Write your own Dilbert punchline
  11. Play a free fantasy MMORPG
  12. Visit a virtual shopping mall
  13. Play a game
  14. Or if you are really bored you can play the Wikipedia Game
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